Our mission is to train the next generation of leaders in microbiology.



To enter the Marburg School of Microbiology, you require a Master of Science (MSc) degree, a Diploma or any equivalent degree. Applicants should hold an excellent MSc or an equivalent university degree in the life sciences, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, bioinformatics or a related discipline.

The legal right to award the doctoral degrees lies within the program partner Philipps-University Marburg. Therefore, doctoral students conduct and complete their doctoral studies following the regulations and guidelines of the university (Please find them here.). They are usually enrolled in one of the departments (Fakultäten) of the Philipps-University. The university departments award a “Dr.rer.nat” which is the German equivalent to the American “PhD” title.


There are several ways to join the Marburg School of Microbiology.

Track I:

The coordinator of the Marburg School of Microbiology will post open positions. Please submit your application as indicated in the announcement. Recent Job postings can be find here.

Track II:

Formless applications can be submitted at any time. Before doing so, please get in contact with the group you would like to perform your PhD work. 

Track III:

If you plan to join the school with your own fellowship, please contact the coordinator of the Marburg School of Microbiology to plan further actions.

Selection and Acceptance

If not agreed different, applications are forwarded to the project leaders who will make the final decision about selection and acceptance. Acceptance to the school is based should be on the (i.) application material; (ii) telephone-interview; (iii) interview of the candidate in Marburg. Finally, the coordinator checks certificates etc. for eligibility of the candidates according to the rules of the Philipps-University-Marburg.